About Us

Learn a little more about us and our work. It's brief but, hopefully, informative.

The short version

We are a small team of people good at designing and crafting things like logos, business cards, brochures, posters, flyers - and the mother of them all: websites or, generally, web applications! We also offer SEO and content marketing services. The general purpose of this website is to show you what we do and how, if you sign up for our services, we can help your business grow. But this section isn't about the services we offer. There's the services section for that. This is about us, so read on!

Nar Ayan
Nar Ayan
Founder & CEO / Graphics & Web Designer

I am an entrepreneur with a passion for design and coding. I have been designing graphics and web applications for about 8 years. As much as I love solving problems in front of my computer I also love to go out and meet new people and make friends.

Steve Kotho
Steve Kotho
Finance and Marketing

I am the guy who makes sure you get what you pay for at a reasonable price. I also offer consultancy services based on your financial and marketing needs.

The long version

We are a small group of designers and developers committed to creating carefully designed products that are intended to put our clients ahead of their competition. We create things that clients can use to promote their brand, products and services both on the web and in print.

Each one of us has their own area of expertise but we all share a passion for one thing: design. In a world where businesses are striving to have a unique aspect that gives them the upper hand, design plays a very important role. People respond positively to things that are nice to look at and easy to use. It's that simple. If you have a website that is pleasing to the eyes and easy to use then there is a high chance that it will do what it was created to do, whether it's to promote your personal image or that of your business.

Our core belief

We have a passion for what we do. It's not all about the money. We believe that our clients' needs - no matter how big or small - deserve our full attention. Whether we're tasked with designing a simple logo or designing and developing a full-blown e-commerce website that is SEO-ready and equipped with the latest analytics capabilities, our goal is not just to finish the work on time but to build something that actually does what it's meant to do, is good to look at and, on top of that, easy to use, update and maintain. This, you'll find, gives you enough time and energy to focus on what truly matters: your products, services and your clients.

How we work

All the jobs we do are contract-based. When a client expresses an interest in having something designed, - be it a logo, poster, business card, website, or any other item in our services section - he or she is issued with a legally binding contract document (also made available upon request). Now this might be a turn off to some but there's a good reason why we do it this way. Entering into a legally binding business contract has two main advantages:

  • It scares off jokers and shows how serious we are about the work we do. This helps reel in serious clients.
  • It makes sure that we deliver our products on time - unless there's a natural disaster like a full on zombie apocalypse - , get paid on time and, most importantly, keeps both parties (designer and client) happy.

All details about the jobs we do are in every contract we issue. These details are things like the nature of the job itself, the relationship between - and what's expected of - both designer and client, fixed or estimated time of delivery and payment, costs, terms and conditions of the contract and consequences or penalties for not respecting those terms and conditions, and lots of other goodies depending on the type of job in question.

That being said, you'll find that there are very smooth transitions between each step of the work process. What stages am I referring to here? I'll provide brief descriptions of the steps we take in the design and development of a website if you're interested. This is purely for information purposes.

See steps

Stages in the design and development of a website

  1. Initial meetup: This is where we define the project itself, get a clear picture of what's required, who the website is targeting, resources required, the timeline, budget, etc.

  2. Planning: This is where we do things like research and conceptualization of ideas using sketches, wireframes and mockups.

  3. Design: This is the most important step in the whole process. Basically it's where the success or failure of the entire project hinges on. A well designed website attracts visitors and keeps them interested long enough to hopefully make a purchase or take a survey or do whatever you want them to. This is also where we fully use our creative super powers ;)

  4. Development: This is the logical next step after the design stage. It's where we take the website's separate designs and turn them into real parts that we then fuse together into a cohesive working whole.

  5. Testing and launch: We do not release a website into the wild until it has fully passed some tests that ensure it's going to survive and thrive out there. This is also where we teach the client how to use the website, that is, add, remove or update content and perform basic troubleshooting techniques in case problems arise.

  6. Maintenance: Regular maintenance is key to the success of any website out there in the World Wide Web. Like biological organisms most websites evolve into bigger, more complex things. This usually means that they are developing as intended. It also means that they become more prone to errors. Left unattended, websites can break down and incur a lot of costs trying to get them working again. That's why regular maintenance is required to help you save money, and avoid premature hair loss or early death in the long run :)

Our promise to you

Like we've said before, we give the same level of seriousness to every job we do, no matter how big or small. We always make sure that we deliver what we set out to deliver, come rain or shine but not, of course, a zombie apocalypse - it'd be kind of hard trying to design a masterpiece of a logo with a zombie banging hard on our door.

Anyway, apocalyptic thoughts aside, the simple fact of the matter is this: give us a job to do and we'll deliver, as long as you play your part. So, why not click on this lovely button down here and give us a try?

What clients say

We work around the clock to make sure clients get what they want on time and at an affordable price. Here are some testimonials from some of our clients.

  1. Sharon Olang'
  2. Jezz Mnjala
  3. Raymond Mghendi
  4. Kepher Luhombo
  • VPDWEB have provided us with the tools we need to achieve fund raising and marketing goals for our Non-profit. Their level of professionalism is truly unmatched. I will definitely be a returning customer.

    — Sharon Olang'

  • Well, I was referred to VPDWEB by a friend. I just wanted a simple logo done. I called them up, we met, talked about this side project I had at the time and a few days later I had myself a beautiful, simple logo which looked good in colour as it did in black and white. Since then these are my go to guys for most of my design stuff, including my e-commerce website.

    — Jezz Mnjala

  • I’m the Manager at St Thomas Church Ufanisi Training Institute in Kilifi, North Coast. I met Victor through a friend while I was looking for someone to build a website for our college. He quickly mocked up a series of designs in Photoshop over several meetings we had in the following days. I liked the designs and he went on to build the website, integrating it into Wordpress so that we could be doing updates ourselves. He made the whole process seem so much simpler and quicker than I had thought initially.

    — Raymond Mghendi

  • I’m the Pastor at a small church in Shimoni, South Coast. VPDWEB have been very helpful in helping me design a series of advertisement material for church functions. The great thing about our relationship is that we rarely have to meet face to face. I simply call them up, tell them what I need, and a few email attachments later we settle on a final design which they quickly print, package and send over by post. It’s that simple. Their rates are also affordable compared to the people I’ve dealt with in the past.

    — Kepher Luhombo