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web design

Web Design and Development

Why get a website?

The Internet has become a global market offering a lot of opportunities for people and businesses to make money. One way is by featuring what you sell on your very own website. A stylish, fully functional website spotting the latest trends in user experience, design and interaction is not only a good investment but a necessary weapon in the arsenal of anyone fully aware of their place in a cut-throat competitive market. Our goal is to design and develop such a website for you.

Why choose us?

It's simple: we offer a better price to quality ratio compared to others. Lower prices and higher quality for everything we design is not just a strategy to get more clients but it is something at the core of our beliefs. A larger part of our target market is composed of individuals just starting out and small businesses, and we believe that such clients deserve high quality products at a price they can afford. This way we increase our chances of retaining clients and getting more deals.

So, what's next?

Now that you know why you need a website for your business and why you would want to choose us to deliver that website, what do you need to do next to actually have one? You can either go ahead and contact us, or check our web design and development prices before you do.

logo design

Logo Design

What's all the fuss about logos anyway?

A logo is not just something that adds visual interest to a T-shirt or letterhead. If well-designed a logo can give you or your business a unique identity, one that will set it apart from the rest and give you, your business or brand much needed recognition.

People get drawn to beautiful things, things that are in complete harmony with their sorroundings. The same principle applies to logos. A logo that is nice to look at, sits well wherever it is and gives relevance to whatever it represents is one that endures the test of time and carries your identity a long way into the future.

Do I need a Picasso for this?

Logos don't have to be complex works of art. They can be as simple as a short word consisting of multi-coloured letters and sounding like what a toddler would say, something like, "Goo Goo."

If you haven't figured out by now that I'm reffering to the world-famous Google logo then you must have been hiding under some rock for the past twenty years. The Google logo, albeit simplistic in appearance, is part and parcel of the company, it's many products and pretty much everything else the company does. And they've been doing some really amazing things, like giving us a mobile operating system called of charge! Ok, now I'm trolling. Sorry.

I'm not saying that a good logo alone will turn your company into a multi-billion dollar corporation. All I'm saying is that it can help it get there.

Want a logo? Why don't we make you one?

business card design

Business Card Design & Printing

Business Cards and Your Business

From the outset a business card should provide some value to you and your business. Just how valuable it is depends largely on how well it's designed.

A well designed business card encourages potential clients to contact you and always remains within easy reach, safely tucked away in a wallet, for example. Poorly designed business cards hardly ever get a second glance and, worse, give you and your business a poor impression, exactly like the card itself. And, believe me, there are a lot of poorly designed business cards out there. Perhaps you've seen one yourself, - or are even in posession of one. A common trait among the many examples of poorly designed business cards out there is the cramming of a lot of usually useless information in so small a space. It's like trying to fit an entire company profile on a three-and-a-half by two-inch piece of paper. And let us not even get started about the choice of colours.

A lot of people spend a lot of money trying to improve the impression they and their businesses give. A less costly way of doing that is by getting yourself a properly designed business card, one that will project a positive outlook about you and your business and, in turn, help you get clients.

Just how "less" is a less costly way?

We pride ourselves in providing quality products at an affordable price, usually less than the current rates out there. This, to most of you, might not be the best way of doing any kind of business. To us, on the other hand, it's the only way we believe in. Much of what we do is done out of a deeply rooted passion for design, the need to see the products of one's creative pursuits being used and enjoyed by everyone and, to top that off, the great feeling of satisfaction we get from improving people's lives by doing what we do, no matter how small that improvement is.

We offer printing, packaging and posting services at an extra fee.

So, why not click on the "Check prices" button? Take advantage of our rates and let us design for you a business card that will do what it's supposed to do: get you business.

brochure, flyer, poster design

Brochure, Flyer, Poster Design & Printing

Old is gold

No one can doubt the relevance and effectiveness that brochures, flyers, posters or any other form of print advertisement still have in this day and age. Our eyes get drawn to colourful posters advertising all kinds of events. We enjoy the fancy look and smooth feel of well designed brochures advertising available courses in schools. We appreciate just how well and how quick properly designed flyers tell us about an upcoming event, a newly opened store that sells things at "unbeatable" prices or someone offering a reward for finding a lost item. The list of applications is endless!

There's one thing that is common to all these forms of advertisement: paper. Most people appreciate the feel of paper in their hands, reading words written or printed on paper, analyzing drawings and all kinds of illustrations drawn or printed on paper, and the fact that they can fold that paper, put it in a pocket, pass on to a friend, do some origami magic with it, crumple up and hit a friend with it, toss in a trash can...paper...paper...paper.

Tell me what I don't know

Did I mention just how cheap this is? It costs so much less to advertise things this way than it is using radio or television. Of course this would not work if you wanted to let the whole country know just how tasty and affordable your cakes are. You would need, ahem!, the aforementioned radio and television for that. But if your target audience is composed of people who live or work in a certain part of town then this way is the best way.

Go ahead and get one or all three for just a small fee.

We offer printing, packaging and posting services at an extra fee.

web scraping

Web Scraping

What sort of animal is this?

This, good sir, is neither man nor beast but sorcery of the highest order, practised only by those brave and powerful enough to venture into the deep dark vastness of the World Wide Web.

On second thought you can disregard that opening paragraph. Hope I didn't scare you there. Well, to put it simply, web scraping is the art and practice of extracting data from sources on the Internet and making it available in whichever form you need it in, usually for a specific purpose. Let's say you've visited a page on the Internet listing the stock prices of hundreds or even thousands of companies over a given financial period and you need all that data to use in preparing a financial report, for example, and you find that there's no way to download or copy this data using the normal means. What do you do next? Move on to another page hoping to see a download button? This is where web scraping comes in. Or maybe you need a specific set of images in a large publicly available picture gallery but you don't know how to download them all at once. This, again, is where web scraping comes to the rescue.

Using the right techniques and a certain amout of coding (programming) on our part we can make this data available to you in whichever format you need it in.

Is this legal?

This is perfectly legal, as long as it's within the target website's terms and conditions to do so. In cases where we're not sure whether scraping data off a website's pages will land us into problems we usually contact the website's owner and consult them about it.

You can contact us for more information about this.


SEO & Content Marketing

Let me break it down for you

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engines are tools like Google Search or Microsoft Bing that return a list of links to pages with content that best match a user's search query. Take note of the italicized phrases. In order for a search engine such as Google and Bing to rank you highly in their search results you need to optimize your website for proper indexing. Optimizing your site's pages and their content to better influence higher ranking in search results is the way to go if you want to point users (potential consumers of your products and services) to your website.

Content Marketing, on the other hand, is a bit of a confusing subject to some. Typically it involves creating content - blogs, articles, free to download multimedia, basically useful information - that you make available free of charge to your site's visitors. Now here's the confusing part: at no point in your blog or article should you advertise your products or services. The main idea behind content marketing is to create useful, original information that search engines can happily index and include in higher ranking results, and that your site's visitors can benefit from and, in turn, share links to the content in online forums and social networking sites. So, in essence, you've let search engines and your site's visitors market your products and services for you without you doing it outright. That, folks, is content marketing.

Why bother?

Search engines are smart enough these days to notice duplicate content. If you create content that has been featured elsewhere on the Internet there are high chances that Google bots (the programs that crawl pages on the Internet looking for content to index, also called spiders) will crawl your pages, find nothing new and move on. Your site's visitors too will go over your content, notice that they've read the same exact thing elsewhere, and move on, probably never to return. And that, obviously, is bad for business.

If you have a website that you need to optimize for search engines or want to try your hand on content marketing but don't know where to begin, we are here for you.

What clients say

We work around the clock to make sure clients get what they want on time and at an affordable price. Here are some testimonials from some of our clients.

  1. Sharon Olang'
  2. Jezz Mnjala
  3. Raymond Mghendi
  4. Kepher Luhombo
  • VPDWEB have provided us with the tools we need to achieve fund raising and marketing goals for our Non-profit. Their level of professionalism is truly unmatched. I will definitely be a returning customer.

    — Sharon Olang'

  • Well, I was referred to VPDWEB by a friend. I just wanted a simple logo done. I called them up, we met, talked about this side project I had at the time and a few days later I had myself a beautiful, simple logo which looked good in colour as it did in black and white. Since then these are my go to guys for most of my design stuff, including my e-commerce website.

    — Jezz Mnjala

  • I’m the Manager at St Thomas Church Ufanisi Training Institute in Kilifi, North Coast. I met Victor through a friend while I was looking for someone to build a website for our college. He quickly mocked up a series of designs in Photoshop over several meetings we had in the following days. I liked the designs and he went on to build the website, integrating it into Wordpress so that we could be doing updates ourselves. He made the whole process seem so much simpler and quicker than I had thought initially.

    — Raymond Mghendi

  • I’m the Pastor at a small church in Shimoni, South Coast. VPDWEB have been very helpful in helping me design a series of advertisement material for church functions. The great thing about our relationship is that we rarely have to meet face to face. I simply call them up, tell them what I need, and a few email attachments later we settle on a final design which they quickly print, package and send over by post. It’s that simple. Their rates are also affordable compared to the people I’ve dealt with in the past.

    — Kepher Luhombo